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After hair transplant surgery, hair is the most important and should be considered as a process of hair washing is shown after the operation. Hair transplantation after operations between the graft and the surrounding area sown is perfectly normal to be seen crusting. This crusting formed mikrogreft planted to disrupt the development of the fed and healthy root formation hampers.

The less crusting and unshelled field is produced the better results are expected and good results are seen. This is necessary to inform patients about. First hair transplant Hair should be washed after approximately 48 hours of operation. Provided by physicians in particular for washing during 15 days patients hair shampoos and lotions for use in the washing process is said to patients.

From 45 minutes before the washing process, particularly of hair having been given region by applying lotions washing time is provided for softening the crusts. Given to patients post-operatively for washing hair lotions made ​​to the region or regions to do but not necessarily must be applied manually by pushing it gently without rubbing.

And then with warm water flowing through an unpressurized must rinsing lotion. This process, which is designed specifically for washing seats made ​​and used. Need to be considered while making rinsing very gently applying pressure to the absolute graft rinsing process is required. After completion of this process by massaging the shampoo into the hair follicles to work for the cleaning of the shell is required. At this stage the situation still to be considered as definitive rubbing process is done. Just hand pressed lightly with your finger tips are withdrawn.

This large sizes which are not removed by the washing process to clean the shell with special collet uptake is performed precisely. Then, after washing hair with a towel rub again only as massage is applied by pressing. If you needed hair dryers drying process can be started at low settings. Hair transplantation surgery after the first wash is recommended by experts are to be done in a controlled manner and are helpful.

Procedures to be described in a detailed manner to patients and to ensure the retention of question marks in the minds of patients is required. Visual documents that are required to be shown to the patient. Patients for approximately 15 days after the first wash themselves making these transactions is required from the patient. Important things to consider if and how the healing process is left to clean up areas also will be so fast and quickly. In addition to this, the process can be more effortlessly.

How soon the hair should be washed after surgery?

Hair after hair transplant surgery for at least 3 days after the washing is recommended. Furthermore, after sowing until day 15 with a specially made lotion to hair washing and care must be taken regularly. 1 or 2 times a day at the same time it is recommended to wash the hair with a special lotion, lotion during use it is necessary to wash with gentle massage movements.

Besides all this’ area of ​​hair-like structures formed in the shell and can clot. If the things that are necessary for it with warm water and planted areas or regions of massages and hair should be rinsed in a good way. Then rub them with a special shampoo to wash hair without movement and plenty of foaming, then rinse thoroughly it is necessary to be done. Also part of the hair to dry at least until the washing part is important. First, the use of a towel is soft during drying is recommended by doctors.

Besides, those who use hair dryer too close to the machine hold hair and hair drying at moderate temperatures are required. In approximately one week after the plantation areas inoculated with the slightest movement can be scouring. In addition, although not exceed 10-15 days after plantation planted in areas that are still in the shell is seen to accelerate their loss and recovery is required. Anyone who wants to have healthy hair can make hair transplantation and hair washing process can apply regularly. In addition, when administered before and after hair transplant hair transplant and hair care has a positive impact each other and the results can be excellent grades.

Postoperative Considerations after hair washing

It is recommended to pay attention to your hair and leave to dry naturally is one of the processes. Do not leave your hair to dry naturally recommended by doctors and healthier than other drying method is a method. But if you need to use a hair dryer, five days after the remote you can use with cold air blowing.

The first three days are required to work in an environment that is dirty, it is always advisable to wear a hat on your head. The first 15 days your hair like hair spray or gel substances will need to take. After three weeks in the area planted in your hair loss is seen in this case, you should not worry, if you do not worry, it will be seen within 8 weeks your hair grow back.

After medical staff in general, they do all kinds of sports activities you can control. Between 4 and 6 weeks will delay the healing of your scalp from the sun’s rays are strong and constantly avoid the trauma of the events that form is required. Enter the sauna and swimming pool for the first 30 days is definitely not recommended. If treatment is necessary to consider the healing process is as follows.

After about 3 days of treatment: You can wash your hair for the first time and start to fall in the shell is formed.
After 5 days of treatment: the use of prescribed medication is terminated.
After 10 days of treatment: Hair transplantation in the healing process has been completed.
Approximately 15 days after the treatment of: Hair transplantation on the healing process together with complete loss of the shell is 100 percent complete.
After 3 weeks: cultivated for nearly 60 percent of the hair is shed.
After 8-12 weeks: 3 weeks, which is poured and cultivation are the other hair begins to grow.
After 6 months: all your hair will be prolonged and your barber with other hair must be cut at least 2 times.
All you need to pay attention to these recommendations and methods, and if you comply with your doctor’s guidance after the operation how your hair should be washed and treated in the best way on how your process needs to be learned.

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