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As in women than men is confronted with the problem of hair loss. Although more common in men as in women baldness problem was thought to be habitable, in a manner similar to men with thinning hair and baldness will have problem. Female hair loss in men, and although not a normal situation as it is, not necessarily a cause of loss under the searched. Occurring in women there are many different causes of hair loss.

At the beginning of these reasons; excessive stress, changing hormones, get pregnant and give birth, menopause, high fever due to infection, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, unbalanced and irregular eating, pulling your hair disease (trichotillomania), hair-breaking (alopecia areata), hair care on behalf of several mistakes in women experiencing male pattern hair loss, scalp occurring diseases, according to the seasons means hair loss medications and chemicals.

Excessive stress;

stress; negatively affects on behalf of all the hair structure and the hair loss is caused to occur. During periods of intense stress of people poured into the hair visible. However, experienced hair loss due to stress within a certain period after the hair is replaced by new hair.

Changing hormones;

Experienced a variety of diseases, pregnancy, menopause, menstrual periods, weight and loss, drug use, use of birth control pills after the initiation of hair loss is experienced. Actively shedding process may continue until 3 months after you stop the hair loss, and the fledgling hair can take place.

Conceiving and giving birth;

Women in the life of one of their most important process is the process of pregnancy. This process completely changed and metabolism of hormones are different start. Infants of mothers to benefit from all the nutrients for proper nutrition is very important in this process. Taking in enough vitamins and minerals, vitamin supplement use and proper nutrition in mothers who are experiencing hair loss problems.

Female hair loss problem is one of the most experienced periods is pregnancy and post-pregnancy period. During this period, the location of the hair is usually fledgling hair. Genetically loss problem may occur. Mother during pregnancy loss in women who suffer hair loss problem is more to live. Lactation after pregnancy as well as during pregnancy the hair fall out. Therefore, to take vitamin supplements after birth should be continued.


One of the natural process that women experience menopause is a condition called amenorrhea. Women during menopause sweating, weight gain, stress, boredom printing, have problems such as breast growth and bloating. Other than those issues on behalf of women at menopause than at the beginning of the problems comes from hair loss problems.

Infections that occur as a result of high fever
Infectious disease, including fever may occur depending on. Infection negatively affecting hair cell loss is caused to occur. Dental infections occurring in a hair loss is triggered.


Thyroid glands of people with slow or excessive work leads to weight gain or weight loss. The body metabolism of the thyroid gland in order to function properly treating diseases must occur. Treating the disease in the name of the method used results in hair loss occurred.

Iron Deficiency;

At the beginning of most of the problems experienced by women with iron deficiency anemia means. Iron deficiency; not consuming foods that contain a lot of iron, menstrual bleeding is very heavy and, depending on factors such as malnutrition occurs. Iron deficiency is one of the main causes of hair loss in women.

Imbalanced and Irregular Nutrition

On behalf of the women to lose weight, fasting diets and the shock that causes weight loss programs, vitamins and minerals in the body causes a decrease in the area.With the unconscious body needs dietary sources of nutrients that can not be covered adequately, because hair cells are affected, hair structure and hair, wearing attenuation occurs.


Which has become an obsession of people pulling your hair disease experienced significantly causes of hair loss. People are constantly pulling her hair, plucking the hair loss problem at the end of this work is experienced. Hair plucking disease, can occur in childhood or adulthood.

Alopecia Areata

Occasional scalp significantly walnut-sized or larger sizes spills may occur. This can be widely as spills, may be in the form of two round. The disease can be treated with various drugs and the hair of the new hair may take place as soon as possible.

Falses made on behalf of Hair Care

Women seem to be more visually beautiful is engaged too much with their hair. Hair too much hair pulling hair too tightly collection, hair too much chemical exposing hair with very hot water washing, dyeing and hair is withdrawn causing the hair shaping hair intensely loss causes. Therefore the correct name to do hair care and hair shampoo which conforms well to the use of the fingers must be selected.

Experienced Male Pattern Hair Loss in Women

Especially in women after menopause, and with an increase in the level of androgens in the blood of male pattern hair loss occurs. Females usually affects the entire surface of the hair loss problem is experienced. Male pattern hair loss for women is not an acceptable situation. Female hair loss is largely due to the stress.

Disorders occurring in Hair Scalp

Fungal diseases and the like may occur in hair scalp. These diseases cause occurrence of various disorders in the internal organs may occur. Disorders covering hair scalp causes hair loss temporarily. Therefore scalp diseases should immediately be taken care.

Hair Loss according to the seasons

When faced with the problem of women shedding zone transitions is one of the seasons. Seasonal transition markedly in women’s hair loss is experienced. Because spills around the issue and not be concerned about the location of the new hair will the hair should be noted.

Drug Treatment Chemicals

Recently, one of the most experienced disease is cancer cases. For the purpose of cancer being treated, which is one of the methods leads to loss of chemically treated hair. Given with chemotherapy treatment chemical drugs while destroying harmful cells also damages healthy cells at the same time. Therefore, during treatment with chemical drugs are adversely affected by hair cells and the hair loss is experienced intensely.

Other Reasons

Hair loss adversely affects the psychology of women. Therefore, women with hair loss problems when faced with natural ingredients rather than resorting to an expert who is looking for a solution in vegetable oil. Substantially stress hair loss in women, childbirth, menopause and are connected to the wrong hair care. Recently, the number of men rather than resorting to hair ladies hair is hair transplantation and on behalf of the appeal. Ideal to do to be healthy hair care needs to be done.

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