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The nose that determines the general appearance of human face and thus is quite an important part of physical appearance might affect people’s psychology negatively when it doesn’t appear as desired. In such a case, people that would like to have a nose job might think of many questions before deciding to get the procedure done. Therefore we have answered 5 frequently asked questions on nose jobs with the intention to provide insight to those willing to get the procedure done.

1. What is a Nose Job?

It is the procedure to eliminate curvatures, aquiline or drooping appearances that are congenital or acquired on the nose, and to create an aesthetic look of the nose. Health problems related to the nose of patient, if any, can also be improved by means of these operations.

2. What are the Types of Nose Job?

Operations for corrections on the nose include surgeries for aquiline nose, crooked nose, and nose with a drooping appearance; nose reduction and augmentation surgeries; nasal bone and turbinate removal, and nasal fracture surgeries.

3. Which Methods are Used in Nose Job?

Performed under general anesthesia, operations are handled with two methods including open technique and closed technique. Open technique refers to the method where an incision is made on the skin between the nostrils, the skin is lift off the nasal bone and the procedure is performed directly on the nose anatomy, while the closed technique offers a procedure performed through the nostrils without making any incisions.

4. What to Consider After Surgeries?

Protection of the nose against severe impacts is essential after surgeries. It is also required to stop smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages for a while, sleep on a high pillow to prevent swelling, and prefer clothes with buttons for convenience.

It must also be noted that taking pain killers or anti-coagulants beyond the knowledge of your doctor might cause bruising and swelling on the face and eyes.

5. What is the Cost of Nose Job?

Since each nose job varies depending on the applied method and materials, it is not possible to determine an exact cost of the procedures. For instance, a single part of the nose is handled in some cases whereas a broader area is involved in the procedure in others. Therefore, it would be reasonable for those wondering about the costs to contact with a specialized surgeon.

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