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Filling Applications

Externally injected volume to fill wrinkles is called filler. This method is mostly preferred by people who are afraid of surgical procedures. The skin consists of collagen and it loses its elastic fibers. In the other hand, because of reduction in the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin, some of volumetric losses occur. Filler injections are among the most preferred aesthetic treatments to beautify the skin.
Thanks to filling treatments, the wrinkles are noticeably disappeared just after the application. It is offering different solutions for every area of ​​the skin, usually containing hyaluronic acid substance used to relieve these effects. It is mostly preferred for the face.

Under skin fillers are giving support to the lowest layer is filled to wrinkle and bulge, and ensures that they are invisible the outside.

It is mostly applied through facial fine wrinkles as filling process, mild to moderate depressions, fine lines around the mouth and nose are filled. This application may be preferable not only for wrinkle but also all regions of the face desired to be corrected or filled. It is also used to correct asymmetry of the nose. Apart these, you can make a filling in the lips for volume.

How to Fill therapy?

The impact of ageing on people, especially the volume loss in the cheek area is a significant problem causes people to look tired. The treatment of filler will help the appearance of the face to look younger.
Filler treatment application is carried out in a very easy and effortless way. By examining your face, the physician decides which areas will be filled. Later, these areas are numb anesthetic cream or the sensitive areas of anesthesia products used by dentists. Here the filler is injected as needed with a very thin needle. After a few days the area will heal without disturbing people. Repetition provides a more lasting resut. In this way, intermediate sessions are also held longer.

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