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In today’s modern life the people really give importance to their appearence. Especially face beauty and care is important in terms of both appearance and psychologically. By means of the advanced technology, medical developments, new inventions and researches there is a solution for many diseases and problems about appearance.

Beside hair transplantation, the eyebrow transplantation can also be applied succesfully from now on. The eyebrow transplantation process which is applied in cases of burning of eyebrows as a result of a sudden accident, eyebrow lost or having no eyebrow due to long term burn treatment or some diseases or treatments like hormone is easily performed by the specialist doctors.

How is eyebrow transplantation applied ?

Although this transplantation process called as Fue Technic ( a special medical technic) is an easy process that can be applied to all people in every age who have not a serious disease, it should be performed in a sterile environment by an expert in this area as it is a surgery.

The eyebrow transplantation can be shortly described as a process by taking hair follicles from the back of the head and placing them into canals opened before in the eyebrow area and growing of new eyebrow. The process begins by patient’s showing a model of eyebrow he/she desires. By means of a pencil, the model of eyebrow that the patient wants is drawn on the eyebrow area with cooperation of patient and doctor. And the patient is expected to be sure about the model drawn.

Then that how many follicles are necessary is calculated according to density and thickness of the model drawn and by means of this calculation the hair follicles in neccessary amount are taken from the back of the head. It is important that these follicles are belong to patient who wants eyebrow transplantation. Because for the success of the transplantation, the DNA coherence is necessary.

The hair follicle taken from the back of the head are not placed in a random way. As the eyebrow area is not so dense like hair area and can not be shaped easily lşke hair,even a little mistake can cause an undesired appearance. So before transplanting the harvested follicles, the direction of them is determined one by one and they are seperated. Also before the main transfer, some processes are applied in eyebrow area.

Firstly that area is numbed by local anesthesia and small canals are opened with lateral slit for the follicles to hold and be placed. The follicles are harvested by micromotor or manuel punches and they are placed into the opened canals one by one according to their direction. This process takes about 2 hours in total and due to micro work it does not cause any pain or suffering. After the transplantation the patient can go home but it is important for him/her to protect his/her eyebrow area against external factors as the follicles have been just placed.

What happens after eyebrow transplantation ?

After the eyebrow transplantation,a scabbed desquamation occur in the eyebrow area after about 2 weeks. This desquamation is an indication of renewal of the follicles and it is not a situation to be afraid of. It is a nature process. The growing of the renewed follicles can take 3 months in many people but generally 6 month is necessary for the growing of all follicles after the surgery.

Who can have eyebrow transplantation ?

The ones who mostly apply for eyebrow transplantation are women that desire thick eyebrow as a fashion of recent years. Also the ones who regularly plucked his/her eyebrow according to old thin eyebrow fashion and have thin eyebrow prefer this process.

Also it is a ray of hople for the people who are subjected to reasons except these ones. For example; the people who were subjected to fire and then had psychologic trauma and lost his/her hair, eyelash and eyebrow can have their old apperance by means of this process.

No health problem occurs during or after the eyebrow transplantation. The process advances in a natural way and the appearance becomes natural after the process. As there is not an artifical situation, the appearance of individual’s eyebrows becomes as natural as his/her hair. There is nothing to do after the process for patient because the success of the process is totally up to specialist doctor and medical team’s experience.

The speacialist should be aware of the differences between hair and eyebrow while transplanting. As the gaps and angle of the exit direction of the hair follicles are different, using hair in eyebrow transplantation shows that the differences at this stage should be calculated properly. The more successful the doctor applies eyebrow transplantation process, the more natural appearence in the eyebrow is achieved. Also the density of the eyebrow transplantation should be left to knowledge of the doctor. As how many eyebrow follicles the skin in one square centimetre can nourish is determined according to density of the eyebrow, this subject should be left to your doctor. So eyebrow density should be determined by your doctor.

The cost of eyebrow transplantation

There is not a fixed cost for the eyebrow transplantation operation. The cost is determined according to doctor and the number of the follicles to be transplanted. But it will not be as costly as hair transplantation no matter how many follicles will be transplanted. However the cost for follicles between 200 and 700 can be vary from 500 Euro to 1700 Euro. As a result of a small research,while in some clinics the cost changes according to different reasons, in qualifed and experienced clinics the cost of a follicle transplant can be 5 TL. And according to this cost the number of the follicles to be transplanted is calculated and the total cost is determined.

Does eyebrow transplantation cause pain ?

During and after the eyebrow transplantation process the patient does not feel any pain or ache. After the transplantation of eyebrow follicles; the only situation that the patient may confront is cutting his/her eyebrows periodically. As the follicles transplanted to eyebrow area are hair follicles, the renewed eyebrows will not remain as short as eyebrow hair and so they will continue to grow. Due to this reason the patient should shorten his/her eyebrow properly to have a natural look. But after about 1 year, the follicles of your eyebrow will gain naturelness of the transplanted area and then will begin to grow like eyebrow not hair. So it should not be considered as a problem.
It is impossible for the eyebrows be damaged after 6 months when the eyebrows grow totally, take shape and begin to be pucked. You can shape them like your prior eyebrows.

Moreover; the new follicles can be transplanted after about 1 year from the process and you can have denser and thicker eyebrows. Applying eyebrow transplantation in proper periods do not harm the patient. As a result; while you can have natural eyebrows without pain by means of a specialist doctor, you can also have new eyebrows without having undesired look even you buzzcut your hair no matter in which age you are.

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