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Why prominent ear plastic surgery?

The prominent ear deformity generally occurs by genetic factors. These deformities are resolved by applying prominent ear surgery. The ear plastic surgery called as otoplasty in medicine has been a permanent solution for this problem. This problem is one of the most seen problems of the ears. In case of having prominent ears the individuals may experience different psychological problems as it negatively affects the aesthetic appearence of the face. Even though the ears are tried to be covered with hair, this situation can not be a permanent solution. Especially children experince these psychological problems so much. So since 5-6 years old when the cartilage of the ear completes its development, this problem can be solved permanently by prominent ear surgery. As these surgeries resolve the prominent ear problem which causes psychological problems in the individuals, it is regarded as an aesthetic surgery.

When does prominent ear problem occur?

The prominent ear deformity occurs when the baby is in the mother’s womb. So after the birth the prominent ear problem can be observed. If this deformity in the baby is treated in first 72 hours, it can be resolved. The reason of ability to resolve this problem is the estrogen hormone transfred by mother with the birth. In this period the babies have soft ear cartilages.  By using special cords and plasters the problem of prominent ear can be prevented in this period. The babies who have not this process should be applied prominent ear process when they become 5-6 years old when the ear completes its development.

What is the earliest application time for prominent ear operation?

The prominent ear deformity draws attention as the most common deformity in the society. If this deformity is inborn, it can be said that this prominent ear problem is genetic. The development of the ears (forming of cartilage) continues until 5-6 years old. In this period the children who are not satisfied with their ears look can have lack of communication with their social environment. The prominent ear deformity which can cause psychological problems in the school period of the children shoud be resolved before school age. For the children do not have a social trauma, the prominent ear surgery should be performed before.  This surgery can be applied to everybody who completed his/her ear development. But the advice of the experts is applying it before school age.

Can prominent ear problem be resolved without surgery?

By means of a new developed cord, with the method called as prominent ear plastic surgery the prominent ear problem in the adults can be treated without incision. The prominent ear deformity that cause lack of self-confidence in the individuals can be resolved by this process. This process called as hanging with cord can also be applied to tip of the nose and eyebrows except ears. After this improvement process the patients can continue their daily life.  In this process the small holes are opened in the ear and the cord is inserted from these holes with a special device and the ears is tilted bacward. As there is no incision while this process is being applied,there is no need to applications like dressing,taking out stiches,going to check up and bandaging the ears.

As some stretching is applied during the process, the pain can be experienced for 1-2 days after the operation. It will be enough to use pain killer for the patients who have pain. Although the cord used after the operarion is strong and durable it does not prevent stretching by the time. As the area to which the cord is inserted is a soft tissue it can cause stretchings even though the cord is strong. In case of improving prominent ear with the cord and thatthe patient does not satisfy with the process, there is a chance for returning from the process. So it creates a big advantage for the patients. The ear can be brought to its previous shape by cutting the cords that help to improve the ear.But  after the surgery applied by using surgical methods, there is not such a chance to return from prominent ear operation. The prominent ear surgery shapes the ears permanently.

How to take decision for prominent ear surgery?

The ones who have difficulty in taking decision about the surgery of prominent ear deformity for children and adults should consult with a specialist plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will help and acknowledge you about the necessity of the surgery . By examining the structure of the ear, the decisions are taken about how to improve these problems and the plan of the operation is made. Although the deformity takes place in a single ear, in some situations both ears can be treated to ensure the symmetry.  After the decision about applying prominent ear surgery is taken, the patients are acknowledged about the issues they have to consider before and after the surgery. The type of the anesthesia and surgical methods to be used during the surgery should be explained to patient by his/her doctor.

How is the prominent ear surgery is applied ?

By means of prominent ear surgery applied with small incision at the back of the ear, a permanent shape is achieved in the earlap. The cartilage structures in the ear are shaped by being brought to proper angle with permanent stitchings during the operation. This operation ensures a permanent improvement in the ear. The biggest advantage of the operation is that prominent ear deformity does not occur again. The general anesthesia is applied to children under age of 10-12 during the prominent ear surgery and for the older ones local anesthesia or sedation are applied. The surgery takes 1 hour for each ear. The pressor bandage is applied to ears after the operation. The individuals except the ones who are applied general anesthesia can be discharged from the hospital at the same day. The bandages on the ears can not be removed for 5 days. After these 5 days the bandages are removed by the doctor and tennis player band is put on the patient’s ears. After the successful operations that do not cause scars on the ears, the confidence of the individuals increases and they hold on to life better.

Is the prominent ear surgery a risky operation?

The risk ratio is really low for this surgery. But as there is a surgical application there may be potential risk factors. These factors are risk like  occurance of infection,bleeding and hematom. Even though they rarely occur, the patients should be acknowledged about this issue. The most common problem for the patients in terms of aesthetic look is asymmetries that may occur in the ears. Most of the patients may have asymmetry before the operation. It may not be easy to resolve this problem all the time. But in some situations asymmetry problem can occur after the operation. The other possible problem is bringing ears closer to the head. But such problems rarely occur.

When to continue daily life after the prominent ear surgery?

Returning to social and work life after this surgery differs according to men and women. As women generally use hair band as an accessory they can continue their daily life just after the operation. As the men don’t have such a chance, they have to wait for some time to continue their daily life. The hair band application is more practical than the classic bandage.

How much time does it take to recover from prominent ear surgery?

After the prominent ear surgery, the patient can go home at the same day with pressor bandage applied on his/her ears if there is not another problem. The day after the operation the patient has to go to the doctor for dressing. Even though pain occurs in the ears due to stretching at the first day,the pains can be resolved by pain killers. After the bandages on the ears are opened, it is necessary to use hair band or tennis player band to cover the ears. The band should not be so loose or tight.  A slight redness or swelling may occur in the ears for 3-5 days after the operation. After this period the improvement can be observed in ears.  The prominent ear surgery is one of the surgeries that have recovery effect in short time.  The oedema that occurs in the ears dissapear in two weeks after the surgery. The real shape of the ear can be observed after 1-2 months. But during this period an undesired look does not occur in the ears.   As the surgery is applied to back of the ears and incision is not applied there will not be scar on the ears.  This thin incision and stitch scar disappear in some time after the surgery.

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