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The eear plastic surgery called as otoplasty is generally performed to improve prominent ear, to shape absent curves on the ear or to minimize the big ears. The deformities of the ear that complete the look of the face occur with the birth. These deformities can be improved with an aesthetic operation since 5-6 years old when the ear completes its development. The ear deformities that cause psychological problembs for children should be resolved before the school age. These operations should not be considered as aesthetic operation that only improve appearance of the patients. They also improve the psychological condition of the patients.

When do the ear deformities appear?

The ear deformities that begin to occur during the baby’s development in the mother’s womb can be observed with the birth. The deformity called as prominent ear problem can be resolved within the first 72 hours for the new born babies. This is due to estrogen hormone transfered from mother to baby by the birth. As the ear cartilages are really soft during this period, the ear deformities can be resolved by means of special cords and bandages. If this problem is not resolved during infancy, then there is need to wait until 5-6 years old when the ear completes most of its development.

Which ear deformities can be improved by ear aesthetic operation?

  • The prominent ear
  • Lop ear ( upper side of the ear if it is curved towarddown and front)
  • Cup ear ( really small ears)
  • Shell ear (The curvature,the curves and lines on the ear are not clear)
  • The interventions applied to ear lobe or generating new ears for the ones who
  • lost his/her ears due to an accident or inborn.

How to decide on ear aesthetic operation?

The people who have difficulty in deciding on operation for ear deformities should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will help you about the necessity of the operation. During the examination the structure of the ears are examined and an operation plan is made to determine how to improve these deformities.

If only single ear has deformities, both ears can be treated to ensur the symmetry of the ears. After decision is taken to apply ear operation, the patient is acknowledged about the important things to consider before and after the operation. Also the patient is informed about the type of anesthesia to be used in the operation.

How is ear aesthetic operation performed?

The prominent ear,the problems about the size or curves of the ear can be resolved since 5-6 years by means of aesthetic operation. The operation is applied to both ears seperately. The ears are brougth to head with 30-35 degree angle. By means of a small incision at the back of ear, the cartilage tissue is reached. The cartilages are rasped and brought to desired size. When the process is over, the incision is closed with stitches and the ear is fixed to the head with special stitches.

The pressor bandage is applied on ears and the operation is completed. If the patients has no other health problem, he/she can be disharged from the hospital at the same day. The ears are examined during the dressing one day later.

There may occur mild swelling and redness on ears for 3-5 days. But later there won’t be any problem on the ears. As this operation is applied by means of the incision at the back of the ear, there won’t be any scar on the ear. Also the patients can immiteadly return their social life as the recovery period is really short after the operation.

The patients put on tennis player band after the bandages on their ears are removed. The operataions are perfomed with generel anesthesia for children and local anesthesia for adults. After the operation that ensures permanent improvement for ears, there won’t be any deformities on the ears again.

What is the earliest time for applying ear aesthetic operation?

Especially the prominent ear deformity effects 5 % of the society. As it is an inborn problem,it is considered to be genetic. Since 5-6 years old when the ear cartilage completes its development, this operation can be performed. The experts advice not to delay these operations. It is proved that the children who have problems with the appearance of their ears have difficulty in communication with their social environment. As these problems appear more during school age, the ear operation shoul be applied to children before school age. These operations can be applied to people in every age.

When the ear aesthetic operation is necessary?

The ear cartilages which begin to form in mother’s womb complete their development up to 5-6 years old. In prominent ear problem, the concha of the earlap which is close to head is big, there are not curves on the earlap and the angle between earlap and head is large. As these deformities occur with the birth ,it can be a big problem for children.

Especially during school age the children are frequently in interection with their friends and this situation can create a trouble for them. So the ear operation is necessary. The section on the ear called as earlap is where the external noises gather and where these noises are transfered to middle ear and internal ear. The deformities occuring in this area can create problem for both appearance of the face and functions of the ear. So this may also affect the social life of the person. Thus the ear deformities should be improved with ear aesthetic operation.

Can ear aesthetics be applied without surgery?

The deformities of earlap in adults can be improved with cords without any incision. In this process the ears are improved by being tilted backward by means of a cord inserted within small holes with a sapecial device. The patients can return their daily after the process.

This process does not include applications like dressing, bandage,stitching and check up. But a mild pain may occur for 1-2 days as that area is stretched with cord. This pain can be resolved with pain killers. One of the advantage of this process is that the patient can have his/her prior ear shape by cutting the cords.

But this not valid for the aesthetichs applied with surgery as there is a surgical intervention. The ears are permanently shaped with the surgery. The disadvantage of this process is that the cord may loose by the time as the area to which it is held is soft.

How is the recovery period after the ear aestetic operation?

After the operation the patient can go his/her home at the same day with pressor bandage on his/her ears if there is not another health problem. The day after the operation the patient should go for dressing. Although there may be pain in ears for one or two days, it dissappears by pain killers. After the bandage on the ears is removed the patient is required to put on tennis player band or hair band on the ears. The band should not be too much loose or tight. There may occur a mild swelling and redness on the ears for 3-5 days after the operation.

But after this period, no problem occurs on the ears. The ear asthetic operation is one of the operations that have shortest revovery time. The oedema in the ears stop within the two weeks after the operation. The ears take their exact shape in 1-2 months.

But during this period an undesired look on ears doesn’t occur. There won’t be any scar on the ears as the operation is applied from the incision at the back of the ears. The thin incision scar disappears after the operation (ıt can not be seen even when looked from the back of the ear). Also this operation does not negatively effect the sense of hearing.

Is ear aesthetic operation risky?

The risk ratio is really low in operations for ear deformities. But as it is an surgical process,there may be some risk factors. These risks are infection, bleedings and hematom in the operation area.

Even though they rarely occur, the necessary measures should be taken and the patient should be informed about these risks. Besides there may be aesthetical problems like asymmetry of the ears. But most of the patients have asymmetry before the operation.

So it may not so easy to improve these asymmetries. But the asymmetry problem can occur after the operation. The another possible problem of the operation is that the ears may brougt closer to the head. But these problems rarely occur.

When can patients return their daily life after the operation?

Returning to social and work life after this surgery differs according to men and women. As women generally use hair band as an accessory they can continue their daily life just after the operation. As the men don’t have such a chance, they have to wait for some time to continue their daily life. The hair band application after the operation is more practical than the classic bandage used in the past.