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Does the transplanted hair look natural? Will there be marks after hair transplantation?

One of the most wondered points about hair transplantation operations is whether the hair looks natural after transplantation, and how natural it looks. The answer to such a concern would be that the hair will look natural to a great extent. To put it more accurately, after the hair transplantation performed by a doctor specialized in the field, hair will be the same as your old hair. Experience of the doctor is also very important as well as his/her expertise in the field. The following part of the article addresses to another concern, which is whether there will be any surgery marks after the transplantation process.  That depends on which technique is used as there are two different techniques.

Will there be marks after hair transplantation operation?

Currently, two techniques are used for hair transplantation. Among these techniques that will be covered in detail, the method that is called FUE leaves no marks on the area of operation. There are various reasons behind this. However, marks may remain to some extent in the technique called FUT. FUT procedure is completely surgical, and might be defined as transfer of the incised skin to another area. Since there is incision and suturing procedures, it is more likely to leave marks as compared to the FUE procedure. In FUE method, there is no possibility of marks due to the nature of technique.

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