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The majority of men with androgenetic alopecia that is seen in male pattern hair loss occurs in the hair against the effects of androgens occur due to an inherited susceptibility. Hair loss occurs in 95% of men who suffer from male pattern hair loss, especially the white race is often seen than in the other races.

Male pattern hair loss at the top of the head start in the hairline and forehead are experiencing hair loss, the hair stays in the middle of the front part of the head crests and gradually begin to grow in the balding area of ​​the region. In the following years the bald head becomes the top part of the front and side by side income, the top part is thoroughly becoming bald. Finally only on the sides and at the back of the head remains on the hair. The biggest nightmare for men and which is a major cause of stress in male pattern hair loss at the age of 25 to 25% of men and 40% at 40 years of age and up to the age of 50 to 50% is observed.

Genetic Factors in Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss in men with male pattern hair loss, especially hereditary androgenetic alopecia is often. Men, hair loss, mothers and fathers receive from relatives in the family tree. If a man’s mother or the father or the hair loss problem from other individuals in the family tree of these genes is likely to take. If a man genetically caused hair loss if the gene are less likely to protect hair unfortunately. Due to genetic factors completely outside of the normal hair cycle because it is a condition that is difficult for the prevention of male pattern hair loss.

Causes of hair loss in men, mostly in an androgen hormone testosterone hormone changes that occur are caused by. Testosterone, 5 alpha reductase, an enzyme with known that DHT is converted to dihydrotestosterone. DHT to the hair and sending signals to the weakening of hair loss is caused over time. In the early diagnosis of this condition only slow down hair loss is to ensure that certain measures are taken. In the long term to prevent hair loss unfortunately impossible.

Male pattern hair loss is genetic, as mentioned before, and due to the changes in hormones can not be prevented because it is. Some measures that can be taken only with the process of hair loss can be slowed down.


A man’s body has many male hormones. DHT is one of this hormone dihydrotestosterone that and will live in a man’s adolescence in terms of physical development is an extremely important hormone. DHT men grow older, the cause of hair loss in men is in the first place. DHT where hair follicles as a result of activities leads to the formation of hair loss. During normal human hair growth, loss and re-growth cycles with said surface. Spilled hair, new hair to have to leave your place. But having increased DHT levels in men, the hair growth cycle and a reduction in the time taken for loss of hair occurs. In this case leads to unhealthy, and weakening of hair. DHT briefly with advancing age,

  • shortening of the growth phase of the hair
  • progressive miniaturization of hair follicles in the
  • a reduction in the number of hair causes.
  • Recently, in the field of male pattern hair loss in studies of DHT could be
  • lowered in the body and thus can prevent hair loss in men, it was observed
  • that the hair regrowth begins. Thanks to the findings specific causes of male
  • pattern baldness and hair loss can be eliminated at a rate different options for
  • treatment are observed. In the following years, the technology also ensure
  • development and research more efficient than results achieved with hair loss
  • in men causing genes can be found and thus hair loss that can be treated at
  • the same time infancy of these genes in there that can easily be identified and necessary measures will be taken.

Age Factor in Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is genetic factors as well as the age factor is also of great importance. Hair loss of hair follicles to begin during a given period of androgens induced effects after exposure of unhealthy hair, weak and therefore begins to flow at the end of a certain time.

Every man is different this time is different. Lasting change from person to person, one of the biggest factors and genetic factors in the blood is DHT ratio. All these factors cause of hair loss in men than in age factor should not be disregarded. The age of the person is reduced to a certain extent and thinning of hair progresses begins.

Among people who have a predisposition to androgenetic short to a certain extent we are experiencing hair loss with advancing age. This miniaturization is called hair loss. Miniaturization of people who suffered a reduction in the number of hair follicles being functional, but as far as male pattern hair loss is not too many. Which is connected to the hormone DHT hair loss is more common with advancing age, again and those who have lost the functionality is quite large number of hair follicles.

Hormonal Effects

Having an active role on many vital mechanisms of androgen hormones cause male pattern hair loss with advancing age that were mentioned before. Effects of androgens, just as with other hormones on cell membrane or within the cell depending on the receptors perform.

A hair follicle can be affected by different androgens, located in different parts of the body the hair follicles to androgens may react in different ways. In short, in a region of the body hair growth in another region which androgens may lead to the loss of hair. Therefore, know exactly what causes hair loss in men can be treated even if the exact method has not been developed yet.

Male pattern hair loss is in the process of the enzyme alpha 5 is the enzyme that plays a key role. Androgenic hormones in the body, found in hair follicles and interact with receptors in the scalp to the emergence of a number of changes in the structure of the hair can cause.

Over time, due to the effects of hormones on the growth phase of the hair is shorter, intermediate and rest period did not suffer any change in the number of hair follicles in the resting period, an increase is observed. In this period, an increase of 20% shows the hair follicles. An increase in the number of hair follicles in the resting period for experiencing the hair there is an increase in the number automatically. Influenced by hormones over time weakens the hair roots and poured. In place of the hair at a time and short hair starts to grow weaker.

In short, the hair follicles causes hair loss in men who have androgen receptors more sensitive than usual or more than the usual number stems from the fact. Androgen levels in the blood and watch the normal range even in the hair follicles due to the effects of androgen sensitive hair due to the loss or spillage leads to health. Unfortunately, today, the treatment of hair loss is still not developed a treatment method can be achieved only able to slow down hair loss. Hair loss is mostly living persons is the preferred method for hair transplantation. Being cultivated by the method of hair transplantation hair loss is not seen in any of the following periods.

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