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The hair loss has been common problem for men and women. Some of the reasons of hair loss are; excess stress, changing hormones,pregnancy, giving birth, menopause, infections related to high fever, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, irregular and inadequate nutrition, hair breaking disease (trichotillomania), pelade ( alopesi areata), mistakes about hair care, men type hair loss in women, diseases in hair skin, hair loss related season change and chemical medicine treatment.

The people with hair loss try different methods to get rid of this problem. The individuals with genetic hair loss should apply for early intervention methods. The people with critical hair loss and baldness have no chance other than hair transplantation. So the people prefer hair transplantation with different technics and methods.

When hair loss occurs newly and if there is not a critical baldness the medical treatments can be enough. But if the hair loss begins to be critical and there is a notable baldness then the medical treatments may not be enough. The best treatment for critical hair loss is hair treatment. Before hair loss and baldness advance too much, the androgenic hair loss can be prevented by medical treatments.

The Medical Treatments For Preventing Hair Loss

The medicines used for preventing hair loss should be approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The medicines approved by FDA and USA Food and Medicine Department can be used by the patients. The medicines approved by FDA and USA Food and Medicine Department are like that;


One of the medicines used to stop hair loss and refresh hair is Finasteride. It has been one of the most used medicines for hair loss events in 10 years. As it is in tablets, it is really practical and can be used through mouth. This medicine decreases the rate of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and prevents hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone hormone largely causes men type hair loss. The medicine is effective in slight or mild type hair loss. After the hair transplantation,this medicine is adviced to the patients as supporter treatment. It can be used both by women and men. But it shouldn’t be used by pregnant women. The medicine should be used for at least 1 year to strengthen hair structure and prevent hair loss. If it is given up before 1 year, the hair becomes unhealthy after about 2-3 days. If the medicine is used for 5 years regularly, its effect continues even if given up.


The Minoxidil is one of the products approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is used in medical treatments for hair loss. The medicine is more effective on men. While the effect of the medicine on men is 5 %,it is % 2 on women. It would be more effective to use it before hair loss advances. This product is sold on the internet and drug stores without prescription. As it is a lotion with foam, its application is really practical. The medicine is more effective on the top of the head than the front sides of the head. The medicine helps damaged hair to gain its health ,refresh and grow.

The medicine is effective in; hair loss at the all over the head in women, at the top of the head in men and after hair transplantation. The medicine can be used once or twice a day according to level of hair loss. As it is foamed lotion, it can be applied by spraying it on the hair skin and spreading it with massage by finger tips. The hands should be washed with plenty water for medicine not contact with eyes. The medicine is applied to areas of hair loss. The effect of the medicine begins to appear in 4 months. It should be used for at least 1 year regularly. The sides effects of the medicine may be itching and redness. In case of itching on the hair skin, the medicine should be abondened for a while.

Other Methods

The hair loss occurs in different stages. If the hair loss is at the beginning stage, the applied medical treatments become effective. When the hair loss and baldness advance, the medical treatments may not be enough. Especially for the situations like notable baldness on the forehead, a general hair weakness in women and notable hair loss at the top of the head in men,the best solution would be hair transplantation.

One of the most preffered methods for transplanting new hair is hair mesotherapy. In this process small needles including mineral,vitamin and protein which are necessary for hair cells are injected to hair follicle. By this way neccessary components that nourishes hair follicle are provided. This painless and hurtless method can prevent hair loss,nourishes hair cells and refreshes hair. Except medical treatments and hair transplantation; herbal products and special content shampoos can be used for preventing hair loss.

If the hair loss is at the beginning stage when consulted with an expert, the doctor can advice shampoos and lotions with different contents to refresh hair and prevent hair loss.As a result of periodical hair loss types like the ones due to pregnancy , new hair begins to grow. For the effectiveness of the medical treatments the medicines should be used in right times. And it shouldn‘t be forgotten that these medical treatments are only applied to stop hair loss. So it is not possible to ensure new hair growth by means of medical treatments.

The Herbal Treatment Methods

The herbs can be used for treatment of many disorders as add-on-therapy. Every herb has different aspects. Especially for hair loss ; olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil and many different herbs are used. The shampoos used for washing hair should be herbal and natural.

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