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The common forms of cancer worldwide breast cancer, it is one in every eight women. Get this inconvenience to women’s breast or nipple is deterioration in the structure. Dermal matrix applied by the method the technological process is passed through human skin taken from cadavers, the cellular structure is completely destroyed, and the main skeleton of the skin are removed. Leather frame is received by the person’s not all biological and genetic, are used in different areas of plastic surgery.

This process is performed after breast cancer in silicone breast prosthesis act as barriers in a new, functional and cosmetic provides numerous advantages. Which is usually taken in the breast after breast cancer, the method used during the re-repair, slender, sagging rate of not more athletic than their body structure and the texture is applied successfully in women who do not want to take. With this method, shorter operative time and gives patients more aesthetic results.

With developing surgical techniques, tumor surgery breast restoration is performed at the same time. In the first period of the dermal matrix aesthetic purposes in the breast augmentation surgery used to correct deformities. Today, after cancer of the breast tissue often is used in the repair. In this way, after breast cancer in women and is protected from adverse impacts. Future life, they will have a chance to look more confident.

How to obtain Dermal Matrix?

This is very important for people who have donated organs through tests, dermal matrix is determined to be appropriate candidates for. This is taken from cadavers, tissues passed through the laborious and lengthy process, is ready for use. This method other than breast restoration, aesthetic breast surgery, the tissue deficiency has been successfully applied in aesthetic and reconstructive nasal surgery. Especially after breast cancer in patients who underwent repair of silicone breast prosthesis provides great benefits. Patients if appropriate, due to breast cancer received the same like the chest is possible to create. The breast of the woman’s previous repairs that can not be distinguished from their breast appearance and aesthetic going on. Thus promotion of organ donation is very important.

What is the benefit of the dermal matrix method?

Compared to other methods, this method brings some benefits. First, the need to take tissue from other tissues of the body are eliminated. This is for patients who do not want the use of their tissue is very convenient. At the same time ensure that the surgery is shorter. The method used causes aesthetic results than others. Patients with breast cancer after treatment with radiation therapy are forced to see. Such patients then underwent breast restoration when using silicone implants, called capsular contracture aesthetic emerged in late disfiguring problem arises. This method is used in the treatment of patients dermal matrix significantly reduce capsule formation will be a measure.

What are the benefits to the patient of breast reconstruction?

Women who have had breast cancer, breast when received postoperative degree experience social and familial issues very seriously. These disorders are not supported by their wives more serious psychological problems in patients is going up. The source of these problems, the adoption of the breast as a symbol of femininity and lost due to disease of the breast is experienced after.

This problem may affect a woman’s whole life is becoming a factor. Breast cancer patients who have undergone the treatment during and after breast restoration has not been applied in patients with daily life clothing on choosing strain, the society is open to the sea, sauna place to go to feel free, family life in the abstention of living as well as negative effects are common. This result is quite low number of patients who accepted this.

So the loss of the breast in women strong enough to create a great depression effect. With awareness of patients with breast cancer received after providing breast tissue repair, request the replacement and the like of the nozzle is further increased.

Prior to that prevailing in women than breast cancer tissue repair by removal of the breast rather than beat cancer will occur when the idea has disappeared. High-tech methods, surgical techniques, thanks receipt of the breast tissue and breast tissue repair has been started at the same time. Thus women after surgery, non-appearance of the breast tissue is prevented.

Which patients are suitable for dermal matrix applications?

Women who have lost breast for breast cancer all repairs done to the breast. Patients in this regard in consultation with a doctor, should take the most appropriate decision. Tumor therapy and radiation therapy to take all of the patients who finished the dermal matrix using a two-step method is considered suitable for surgery. Patients that have no ending treatment yet can not use this method, using this method is not appropriate.

How to apply dermal matrix method surgery?

Using this method, patients are operated in two phases. The first stage takes approximately one hour. Placed under the patient’s chest muscle tissue supporting expanded silicone aid dermal matrix, causing it to expand in the region of the skin. After skin expands enough to switch to the second stage. At this stage of silicone gel-filled silicone tissue expander is replaced with a permanent. In this way, the lifetime will be used to satisfy the aesthetic and women breast restoration is done.

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