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Breast reduction from the aesthetics of the nozzles is greater than normal to eliminate discomfort, providing fullness of the tap nozzle, thereby removing an excess of fat and skin, to adapt to the body is applied with nozzle. Female breast is large and emotionally, as well as to problems in terms of health is a condition that causes. An active lifestyle is prevented because of the weight of the breast. These problems can be overcome by breast reduction surgery. This surgery is an operation extremely functional. Increase their self-confidence of women in the social, being in harmony with the environment are provided. Large breasts in women psychological problems, back and neck pain causes.

Breast reduction is aesthetic and troubleshoot physical problems, as well as reduce stress is spiritual. The size of the breast in the spine, causing pain in the back and shoulders, while patients can be caused by curvature. Bra straps used to the pressure on the nerves in the arm can cause numbness in the arm. Due to the size of the breast skin contact rash, fungi can develop problems such as. From the choice of clothing, physical problems and psychological problems which may negatively affect women big tits up, aesthetic breast reduction being due to the problem is removed.

How to decide to breast reduction?

Before you decide to breast reduction surgery plastic surgeon and by talking comprehensive, mutual exchange of ideas should be made. Size of the breasts appear larger by the doctor to the patient must be taken again. During surgery, breast nipple and the dark area of the nipple will be upwards, these issues should be discussed in detail. Besides the advantages from your doctor to do the surgery, you should learn the disadvantages. Complete x-rays and blood tests to öncesindehasta surgery should be performed.

When aesthetic breast reduction done?

Breast reduction surgery should be performed only at the request of the person. People should undergo this surgery at the request of others. This operation suitable for yourself whether you can evaluate the following criteria.

  • Breast reduction surgery should be physically healthy person to do.
  • Those who want to make a breast reduction surgery surgery should have realistic expectations about the results.
  • You should not be discomfortable due to having huge breasts and such feelings of shame should not occur.
  • Due to large breasts, making physical activity should be avoided.
  • Breast of weight in the back, neck and shoulder pain should occur.
  • Breast tissue under the skin and surrounding tissues should be irritation.
  • If you are working with the garments to hide the size of the breast
  • Breast enlargement coming down and the skin is required.
  • Non-use aesthetic breast reduction or applied in person to quit smoking.
  • When not support bra breasts, nipples, breasts come down to the bottom line.

Due to the expansion in the skin around the nipple areolar expansion in the case of a proper candidate for breast reduction surgery you.

Breast reduction aesthetics who want to make women’s expectations, general health status, allergies, used drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption habits previously have undergone the operations, a family history of breast cancer such assessments should be carried out.

What happens in aesthetic breast reduction?

In aesthetic surgery is breast reduction breast tissue excess, sagging skin, adipose tissue, as provided in the downsizing, around the nipple, called the areola, the darker section is minimized. In this way and that are higher than the top of the breast tissue that should be at the ideal height is moved to the area. Apart from the nipples can be reduced in surgery. Breast reduction surgery is not just for women, men also can be applied. Called gynecomastia in male breast tissue growth in the case of this problem corrected by the methods of liposuction and subcutaneous mastectomy reduction surgery can not be corrected by failing.
What are the techniques used in aesthetic breast reduction?

Trackless breast reduction: This breast tissue alive, extant skin elasticity, sagging nipples non-applicable in women without fractures. Also in need minimal breast reduction, 1-2 cm in women with nipple sag is preferred.
Nipple breast reduction: This breast reduction surgery that needs minimal, 1-2 cm can be applied to women with nipple sagging.

Follow the lollipop-shaped breast reduction done: This is a method used quite a lot lately. Breast environment and descending vertically down the trail like a lollipop and excess skin is removed with the breast tissue is a method. These moderate administered to patients in need of breast reduction. Sagging nipple suitable for patients under 30 cm.

Inverted T-shaped breast reduction performed: This is the most commonly used method of operation. Wherein downwards around the nipple and breast immersion perpendicular to do the reverse T-shaped incision is made operative. This method of breast sagging too large in size and is suitable for patients with.

How to make aesthetic breast reduction?

Before surgery, patients who have decided to be a need to be examined by a doctor. During the examination, breast size, skin thickness, the shape of the breast should be evaluated and the operation plan should be prepared. Information that needs to be done about the surgery, a person’s diet and smoking habits should be questioned. The used drugs and existing health problems should be evaluated.

The excess breast tissue during breast reduction surgery and the surgery is performed based on the excess skin. General anesthesia, the surgery lasts approximately 2,5 3 hours. Surgery in a hospital operating room conditions and must be made. No matter which method in surgery, an incision is made at the beginning of the breast. Also according to the technique used by the medium of the lower portion of the nipple downward than the inverted T-shaped incision is made.

T-shape facing the bottom of the cut is opened in the bottom nozzle. In some of these new methods without the need to cut combo, just around the nipple and nipple from the bottom of the middle section downstream of the remains of a trail up to the 4.5 to 5 cm. Breast remaining traces of obvious initially, though after a while it becomes uncertain. The degree of scars after surgery in breast size, the method used in surgery and the patient’s skin may vary according to the characteristics. Through aesthetic breast reduction patients can get their breast size they desire.

After aesthetic breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is usually completed in a relaxed way. After surgery, the arm may have limited range of motion. In this process, the resulting pain is minimal. At the end of surgery or coil is wound to the chest or right bra is worn. Drainage of the breast from both pipes are placed. These are removed within 24-72 hours. Dressing is placed on the nipple. 2 days after surgery opening thereof, not in the nozzle is controlled. 7 days after the diagnoses of breast coils opens, seams are removed within 7-10 days.

Surgery patients stay in the hospital 1-3 days. Up to 6 weeks with aesthetic breast reduction should wear sports bra and breast massage should be done. There may be swelling in the breasts just after surgery. Numbness in the nipples, purple discoloration of the skin may occur. These are improved in a short time. Breast reduction surgery should be considered from the aesthetic. In patients with pain, breathing difficulties will go up causing a lot of problems with large breasts, this is becoming a need surgery.

What are the risks and complications of aesthetic breast reduction surgery ?

Although cosmetic surgery by people who did not care much, it should be noted that surgical intervention operations are those. First, surgery is performed under general anesthesia, anesthesia-related risks may arise. Risks related to surgery after breast reduction surgery can occur. they are;

  • Following surgery scars abhorrent
  • Cut formed over the wound infections
  • Permanent or temporary grade nipple or breast sensation, which changes
  • Development of hematoma in the wound that is bleeding due to the accumulation of
  • Wound healing in the worst degree
  • Breast contour and shape deformations that
  • The development of breast asymmetry
  • Changes in skin color, swelling and bruising is
  • In the area of ​​stitching to be potential skin losses
  • After surgery, partial or complete loss of nipple is
  • Breastfeeding at risk for postoperative formation
  • Breast tension and stiffness in the occurrence of extreme
  • Chest pain occurs in
  • Heart and lung problems and the development of deep vein thrombosis
  • Development of allergies to various substances
  • Fat necrosis development
  • After surgery, revision surgery is needed toAfter aesthetic breast reduction in the risk of the lower rates, even though these results should be shared with patients before surgery by a doctor.

Is it possible to breastfeed after breast reduction aesthetics?

Applied to patients after surgery are intended to breastfeeding. However, this depends on the technique used in surgery. That’s why women who want to have children after surgery, this issue should consult a doctor. Terms and conditions, if appropriate, a plastic surgeon may use an appropriate method that can provide it.

The surgeon in this matter the size of the breast, breast sagging rate and the need to assess the patient’s age. And the mammary gland during surgery techniques nipple The interconnection must protect. With these techniques breastfeeding woman’s function can be maintained. In a lot of very large breast reduction patients to provide informed the woman’s breastfeeding function can be sacrificed. It remained only to the patient’s preference.

Aesthetic appearance of the breast, wanting to shrink the conditions of patients who desire breast-feeding on assessment and decision-making must be based on him. Today, a part of women’s breasts even if appropriate, in accordance with their wishes after the birth of their babies can breastfeed. Breast will be more aesthetic to have a look and to avoid unwanted health problems, breast reduction, aesthetic and accurately assess the benefits and disadvantages to be decided.

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