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Today quality and durable breast implant types are produced all around the world. The companies continuously introduce quality breast implants are more durable and adapt well to the body. These are quite aesthetic products that are used instead of the breast tissue in breast augmentation surgeries. Used quite commonly in surgical field, these implants are produced in two types.

What are the types of breast implants?

Fluid silicone is not preferred for breast implants used in breast augmentation operations. Instead, cohesive silicone that is non-fluent is preferred. Whether the breast implant is filled with gel or normal saline, there is an external silicone layer. This silicone layer is characterized by a durable, non-exploding and tear-proof structure. There is no risk of flowing or leaking into the tissue even when they are damaged in an accident or as a result of an impact with a sharp object. Thanks to such characteristics, they reduce the risk of capsule contracture to a significant extent. Even the softness is adjustable in silicone implants containing silicone gel. Implants are produced in soft, hard and medium soft forms. These forms are selected according to the preference of the patient and the location where the implant will be placed in breast augmentation operations.

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