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Appearance of breasts is highly important, and Breasts that represent the sexual identity in women is considered to be the primary factor constituting self-confidence of women. Appearance of small breasts is an adequate reason for women to be uncomfortable. Therefore breast augmentation surgery ranks among the most preferred plastic surgeries. In these operations, materials made of prosthesis and silicone are placed under breast tissue to enable augmentation of breasts. Thus women get to have breasts with a plump appearance. Breast implants are also used to correct reductions in breasts that occur after giving birth and weight loss.

Breasts are among the important aspects that complete the physical appearance of women. Volume of breasts is quite important during measurement of shoulder width, breast girth, and waist and hip size. If the breasts are small, the body looks disproportional. There might be congenital differences and asymmetry in breasts. Breast augmentation surgery should be performed to balance the breast sizes, and increase their volume.

What is the purpose of breast augmentation surgery?

  • Increase the fullness of breasts
  • Boost the self-confidence of women
  • Balance the general appearance of body and make it more proportionate.

When should the breast augmentation surgery be performed?

These operations aren’t suitable for women with severely sagging breasts. In such a case, breast lift surgery must be performed together with the breast augmentation surgery in order to make the breasts look lifted and plumpy. They can either be performed together or separately.

Is breast augmentation surgery suitable for everyone?

  • This operation is suitable for everyone that desires. However, there are some pre-conditions to be met. They are as follows:
  • General health condition of the person who wants to undergo breast augmentation surgery must be suitable for this operation
  • The person that desires to have the operation must have realistic expectations
  • The growth of breasts must have been completed
  • When the women are uncomfortable with their small breasts
  • When the breasts are deformed due to weight loss, pregnancy or old age, and the person is uncomfortable with her appearance
  • When a change occurs in the size and shape of breasts
  • When the normal growth is completed in one or both of the breasts; breast augmentation surgery can be performed.

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