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Check-up Anti-Aging and Anti-Aging What is it?

Anti-aging practices are applied in a variety of purposes.
The most known of these;

  • Detox therapy that allows the body free poison
  • Chelation therapy
  • Body given vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Antioxidants
  • Methods to provide live look positive
  • SPA, thalassotherapy spas
  • Volume and support to ensure that cosmetic facial treatments
  • Aesthetic surgical procedures

Aimed at rejuvenating the body look younger and healthier methods that anti-aging, can be examined by the administration and effect.
Although some of these methods also impact rejuvenating skin structure constitutes the youth sensation in humans.

Anti-aging applications

Filler: There are species of this method is permanent or lasting.
The loose structure of the gravity of the skin, filling the lower groove on the face is applied to volume to the top of the built-in expression lines percent.

Detox Applications:

  • These applications are made to be free the poison of the body.
  • Detoxify the body can not always feel tired and sluggish manner.
  • Among people who always have trouble sleeping, pain has become an inveterate people.
  • Chemical and industrial waste also pollute the environment and harm to our body.
  • These will continue to damage by entering our body.
  • Airborne gases, exhaust emissions, allowing poisoning of the body outside of industrial waste has on other products.
  • Giving them the fruits and vegetables produced in the numbers able hormone, pesticide laid foods, sugar, flour, oil, alcohol, cigarettes are products.
  • Especially in health because there are many cola drinks sugars produced damage.
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