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Foreheads and eyebrows have significant importance in order to form the facial expressions. They can show the individual as happy, suspicious, curious, angry and anxious. Because of this reason, it is called as voiceless communication. The other parts on the face cannot provide it. Eyebrow sagging and deep wrinkles on face occurred with ageing may cause tired or angry appearance on individuals. The face is provided with a younger appearance by forehead stretching and eyebrow lifting procedures.

Which problems does forehead stretching procedure remove?

Under favor of forehead stretching procedure, the eyebrow position, bag on eyelids, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and beetle-browed appearance can be recovered.

Eyebrow position: Place your finger on the eyebrow in order to determine whether the eyebrow is in the ideal position or not. Press towards the bone. You should feel the bone bulge on the eye. If your eyebrow is in ideal position, eyehole is over the bone bulge. In case of falling downward, eyehole is below or over the bone bulge.

Push your forehead skin upward by placing your thumb and forefinger on your forehead in front of the mirror. You can understand how effective forehead stretching procedure will be. With the forehead stretching procedure, your eyebrow will be in the same level with the bone bulge or be higher than it. Low eyebrow position may be based on ageing or genetic factors. With the ageing, there is elasticity loss on skin and soft tissues. There is a negative effect against the gravity.

The eyebrow become defenseless. On some people, genetic factors are effective. With the appearance of these effects, the forehead stretching procedure is applied beginning from 30s.

Eyelid bags and excess part on upper eyelid: The bags on eyelids occur due to the folding of eyebrow and eyelid skin near the eye edges. If you see bags on eyelids when you look at the mirror, you can understand the recovering effects by lifting your forehead with your finger. The recovery on the extra part of the skin on upper eyelid can be recognized by lifting the forehead with fingers in order to lift the eyebrows.

Extra skin part on the upper eyelid can constitute deceptive recovery. The reason of it is the extra skin. Due to the fact that the eyebrows sag, the skin seems so. As a result of the investigation of the plastic surgeon, forehead stretching procedure or eyelid operation or both of them can be performed.

Horizontal forehead lines: The wrinkles, seen while lifting the eyebrows, occur as a result of facial expressions. With the sagging of the eyebrows, forehead and eyebrows are used more. In time, the problems get bigger. Under favor of forehead stretching procedure, the eyebrows are lifted, the muscles on the forehead relieve and the number of horizontal lines decrease. In case of eyebrow sagging and deep horizontal line occurrence, the individual seems tired. This can be removed with forehead stretching procedure.

Beetle-brow lines: When you try to seem angry by knitting your eyebrows, they go down and vertical lines occur between eyebrows. They are beetle-brow lines. If these lines are fixed on the individual, the eyebrows can be seen easily without knitting them. The reason is the conditioning of the eyebrows. This happens on the individual without conscious. So, there is an angry expression on the individual. This angry appearance is removed by putting away the vertical lines between the eyebrows in a great amount.

What is the one that cannot be recovered with forehead stretching procedure?

The stretching of the forehead skin is performed with three methods. They are endoscopic stretching, sub-dermal stretching and coronal stretching methods. These methods have advantages and disadvantages. So, it is useful to prefer the most suitable one for you by discussing with the plastic surgeon before the procedure. In some cases, these methods are applied together.

Methods for forehead stretching

Endoscopicstretching: This method is applied generally when a little eyebrow sagging occurs. In this procedure, plastic surgeon follows the application with a small camera. 4-6 pieces of incisions are made on the back part of the hair line. The muscles effecting the eyebrows are reformed. Then, the skin is lifted upward of the head.

Temporary support is applied here until the recovery is completed. Small screws can beput to the skull or boreholes can be made. At last, in order to fix the skin, surroundings of screws and holes are sutured. If metal screws are used, they are removed within 2 weeks. Screws become integrated within a couple months. This method has significant advantages. Firstly, there is no necessity for big incisions. There is no abirritation on head skin. After the application, there is permanent recovery in the rate of 50-70%. However, there are disadvantages of this method, too. It may cause problems on the wide foreheaded-individuals due to the fact that it may pull the hair line in the rate of half cm.

Some individuals cannot lean towards screw and holes on their skulls. In fact, it is a safe procedure. Because of the fact that the forehead muscle called as frontalis is not changed in this method, the mimics of the individual are effected in a low rate. This procedure does not give positive results on the individuals having extreme sagging on their eyebrows or deep wrinkles. It is a procedure having short-time effect. For these individuals, temporal side stretching procedure may be required additionally.

Coronalstretching: The incision made with this method is extended from one ear to the other over the head. Corrugator muscles and forehead muscle is weakened with surgery. Plastic surgeon removes the skin in the amount of 1-2 cm or more.Coronal stretching method has advantages. In this method, all muscles causing beetle-brow and wrinkles are replaced. It is not obligation to use screw here.

Furthermore, its effect is longer than endoscopic method. Because skin is removed rather than pulling back. Scars are not seen on the thick-stranded individuals. The method, suitable for anyone, provides better results on the individuals having sagged eyebrow and deep wrinkles. However, the method has disadvantages. The abirritation in which there is incision on the head can continue for six months. In addition to that, there is itching. Occurrence of many scars is a disadvantage for thin-stranded individuals. It is not suitable for low hair-lined individuals. This method gives better results than the other methods on the individuals having high-level forehead sagging.

Sub-dermal stretching: In this method, incision is applied under the hair line. This has many advantages. Due to the incision is in front of the hair line, while removing the skin, the hair line is not pulled upward. Sensitive nerve on the head is not removed. Also, there is no itching and abirritation. The recovery on the wrinkles are quite good. However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that the scar seems on the hair line. When combing the hair backward, this scar appears openly. After a while, the scar starts to recover. The smokers may face problems in this type of forehead stretching. So, the smokers should give up smoking. This method can be applied successfully on the individuals accepting scar and having wide forehead.

What are the complications of forehead stretching and eyebrow surgery?

In this procedure, general complications may occur as well as specific complications. The effects such as anesthesia-related problems, infections, edema, empurpling and scars can be listed among the general and possible complications. The specific ones are:

Forehead paralysis: In this rare effect, one side of the forehead become paralyzed. This effect is temporary in general.

Asymmetry on Eyebrows: After the procedure one side of the new eyebrow may be higher than the other one. The asymmetry is determined generally before the procedure.

Constant hair loss: Small amount of hair loss may occur on the scar area. These effects may be permanent.

Abirritation: Abirritation may occur on the upper part of the head. They are temporary. Sometimes, there is abirritation on all forehead. They arise from the damage on some sensitive nerves. It has rarely permanent effect.

Early recurrence: In this case, it is possible to sag again for the eyebrows within a couple of months after the procedure. This effect, which may be seen on anyone, occurs on endoscopic stretching in a higher level. This effect does not occur on the other methods.

Occurrence of unnatural facial expression: Due to the fact that eyebrows are not lifted in a natural way, there may be unnatural appearances. If the eyebrows are lifted more in this manner, an amazing expression occurs on the individual. If it is lifted a little, there may be malice and strange appearance on the individual.

Apparent scar: Especially, this effect is seen in the sub-dermal method. This problem does not occur in other methods.

High hair line: Hair line climbs up more in the procedures out of the sub-dermal methods. The forehead stretching procedure should be applied with sub-dermal method in order to avoid from this effect.

Muscle bulges: There may be small bulges on the nose and between the eyebrows after the operation. These effects can be removed with eyebrow correction methods.

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