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Male breast growth, such as the female breast is defined as gynecomastia. This unwanted condition in men, can be caused by many different reasons. Which is usually between the ages of 13-15 can be seen in teenage boys. Their rate of 70-90% in 1-2 years, and breast self-improvement means normal status. So to make aesthetic breast enlargement would be appropriate to wait 1-2 years. However, in adults, breast enlargement in men, breast cancer risk, and caution should be taken into consideration.

Why does breast growth in men occur (Gynecomastia)?

Some medications used in the causes of gynecomastia, the transition to adolescence, aging, and certain diseases can affect hormonal imbalance. Reason for that causes this disease, testicular disorders, hepatitis, lung cancer, cirrhosis, thyroid disorders, drug use, some organs include diseases such as cancer. In addition, for reasons such as weight gain or build muscle, steroids received may influence breast growth. That’s why a person’s liver and thyroid function prior to surgery should be considered, hormonal values ​​should be checked and general health status should be examined.

How many different ways breast growth in men occur (gynecomastia)?
There can be 3 male breast growth according to different structural features. These are;

Types of glandular breast growth: This type of breast enlargement, is responsible for the actual breast tissue. these are features have a hard texture. However, the method can be treated with surgery.

Breast growth in fatty type: This type of fat is responsible for the enlargement of the breast. these are can be solved with liposuction liposuction breast enlargement method is so.

Mixed types of breast enlargement: This type of growth in the breast tissue and fatty tissue growth is concerned. Thereof and with surgery and liposuction must be treated using a combination of methods. What type of breast growth in men is determined that it is understood by pathological examination. However, the preoperative ultrasonography or MR imaging of breast enlargement in general, which gives information about what is in the tube.

How to do breast growth aesthetic in men (gynecomastia)?

After determining the cause of breast enlargement, treatment planning is done to remedy the problem. Breast enlargement in order to decide on how to apply the treatment, the surgeon makes some of the reviews. These factors are;

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