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How long after the aesthetic nose surgery be the final shape of the nose distinct?
10 days after the operation when the plaster cast is removed, the shape of the nose will be roughly distinct however it will still be puffy and full of edema. The shape will be 90% distinct in a month. Becoming 1-3mm thinner and taking the final shape can last 6-12 months.

When are the tampons removed? Is there a pain?

The tampons will be removed three-four days after the operation. The tampons made of a special material, will easily be removed painless because of being wrapped by an oily veil. There is also a special sponge inside the tampon that stops bleeding.

When can I return to my job after the aesthetic nose surgery?

You can return to your job 10 days after the plaster cast is removed.

How long should be avoided of the external impacts after the aesthetic nose surgery?

After the nose surgery, nose bones heal in 7 to 10 days. However during this period it is not as solid as it is before. Therefore it will be appropriate to avoid impacts at least 2-3 months after the surgery.

Can I use glasses after the nose surgery?

Glasses may dislodge the bones applying pressure and can cause precipitation. Therefore glasses shouldn’t be used for 2 months after the operation.

Are sunrays harmful after the nose surgery?

After the aesthetic nose surgery, nose and the skin, briefly all face becomes sensitive to sunrays. Therefore after the operation, sunrays may cause blots on the nose and face. It is necessary to use sun-protective creams for 3 months in order to avoid these blots.

Can I swim after aesthetic surgery?

You can swim 1,5-2 months after the operation. However you should wait 2 months to jump into water. Because sudden pressure changes may cause nosebleed.

What is nose tip falling?

Nose tip falling is one of the most common questions about nose aesthetic. A nose made well-proportioned and right doesn’t fall. Nose tip falling can occur after cutting the nose tip cartilage by a technical error. Nose tip falling slightly down years later the operation is the consequences of thinning of subcutaneous, decreasing the number of elastic fibers and skin aging. This is a situation that can happen when getting older even if nose surgery hasn’t been done.

When can I clean up my nose with water?

The nose shouldn’t be washed for 1 month after the operation unless bleeding may occur.

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