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As one of the fat removal methods, Vaser lipolysis is performed by liquidizing the fat inside the body using ultrasound followed by removal of it. Liquidized fat mass can be extracted or injected out, or discharged out of the body through lymphatic circulation. The fat tissue in the region with lipoidosis is targeted with ultrasound waves. Since this is a gentle process, the veins and muscular tissue in the area are not damaged as in the classical method.

Anyone that is over 18, doesn’t have health problems that would prevent operation, and have severe fat deposits on certain parts of the body might undergo vaser lipolysis.

There is no requirement for a special preparation process prior to liposuction operation, however it is recommended to stop using anti-coagulants, smoking and drinking coffee for a while. The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon under local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is adequate for limited areas only such as jowl, under the knee whereas general anesthesia is preferred in broader areas. Duration of operation varies between half an hour and 4 hours, and 8 liters of fat can be removed in a single session.

The greatest advantage of Vaser lipolysis method is a much more comfortable recovery process compared to classical methods. The bruising will be minimal, pain will be lowest after operation, and there won’t be a wavy appearance. The cream recommended by doctors must be used for bruises, and doctor must be consulted for pain. Fat deposits do not easily recur in the operation area.

The patient mustn’t take a shower for the first two days of Vaser lipolysis procedure, but should take a shower every day from then on. A corset is used for 3 weeks after the operation. The corset that is recommended by the doctor specifically for the patient is used for the skin on the operation area to stick to the lower layers, and to prevent formation of edema. Liposuction operation will have more successful results when the skin is younger and fresher.

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